Bring wood to life with Woodgard


Introducing the Woodgard Range 

Woodgard has been considered a trusted choice  for many years when it comes to wood care. Woodgard range of products is built specifically to prevent damaging effects from moisture and weathering. Woodgard offers premium protection and brings out the natural beauty of all wooden furniture.



Water exposure can result in fibre saturation, which over time weakens the internal structure of wood, and visible signs of damage including cracking, peeling and paint defects, start to appear. UV rays contribute to the discolouration and deterioration of wood. When the elements hit, it is time for maintenance.


Woodgard Rubbol and Woodgard Timbapreservative are both preservatives that offer protection from the harsh UV rays and extend the life of wood. Both have a nourishing formulation that deeply penetrates wood fibres and enhances the natural beauty of the wood surface. For optimum results, we recommend Woodgard Rubbol for the ultimate performance in wood protection.

Woodgard Marine Timbavarnish offers a hard-wearing varnish barrier with excellent water resistance for glossy finishes and durable toughness for exterior surfaces.


For balanced performance on interior and exterior surfaces, Woodgard Timbavarnish is a general-purpose varnish that is a popular choice for multi surface home projects. This formula leaves a hard-wearing gloss finish. 



Trims are just as important in the full home makeover and interior wood products do that job with the versatility of being used on furniture and is the ideal product when considering make-over of furniture pieces when updating to the latest trends.


Woodgard Double Life Timbavarnish can be applied on ceiling beams, skirting boards ,window frames and doors for interior toughness to tackle every-day household wear and tear.

Woodgard Floorgard offers that special touch for floors, window frames and doors with a hard-wearing gloss enamel.

Wood is a renewable material, and to support sustainable wood solutions, Woodgard offers Woodgard Floorgard and Woodgard Timbavarnish in eco-friendly, water-based sustainable choice with benefits of traditional wood products and the convenience of quick drying in a low odour formula.

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